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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


this is a charity organisation. They wanted a very simple logo.

mobile commons

A mobile- phone company.

Alfajiri Express

It is a bus company plying the Nairobi- Naivasha route. Alfajiri is swahili for morning. they wanted it to look morning- ish with a rising sun, hence the colours.


this ios a company that offers counselling services for executive clients.

texas divorce bootcamp

this is a texas military camp that helps/ facilitates divorce process for its clients.


the dots around the symbol represent a village sort of, surrounding the digital element.

blaze resords

Blaze wanted empasies on the effect of blaze- fire.

Use of Case Professionals

motion pictures.

The logo shows windows, symbolising a doorway or path to outside (outdoor media), but the windous are animated to simulate movement. Hence 'motion pictures'.


this is an Mpesa- like company, which allows sending of, and receiving money via phone. they wanted it bright and flashy, with emphasies on movement of money.

VIP logo

they wanted a logo made golden, that could be used for their executive website. This was my winning design.

privilege logo

This company wanted a logo that is simple , formal and crisp.

about ME.

My name is Eugene Nyawara and I live in Nairobi, Kenya. I am a freelance, part time Graphic Designer and illustrator. In this blog I have put my logo portfolio, some works which I have done over a long time. As a designer and artist, I decided to specialize in logo creation, somehow driven by the urge to create very good and professional logos, they being artworks themselves. I wanted to bring out some rarely good quality of logos, which is not very common in Kenya. I have participated on online and offline logo-creation competitions, some of which I have won. Some I just created for fun.

I charge Ksh. 5,000 per logo. The policy being that I get paid 50% (2,500) of the money before the work and the other 50% (2,500) upon delivery. Payments can be made in cash or though Mpesa.

I can be contacted be phone, +254725902510,
or email

Objective comments on my logos are welcome.

Note: These logos are copyright to their parent companies and must not be reproduced or copied whatsoever.

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